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Using the latest in technology and scientific understanding, Dr. Long works to find the cause of your neck and back pain so, that he can work with you to resolve that pain.


The highly experienced doctors at A4L use x-rays, digital nerve analysis and doctor palpation to diagnose malposition vertebra in the spine.


We believe massage therapy should be a regular part of your health care, not simply a luxury.


Our internal health program ranges from internal health assessments for weight and preventative care to functional tests to determine health issues. We don’t guess, we test!

At Adjust 4 Life we believe that true health is a journey that starts from the inside and relies on the power within your body.


We take an all inclusive approach to your health and wellness. Some healing methods such as medications and surgery only mask your symptoms. At A4L we work to find and eliminate the underlying problem, restoring optimal health once again.


We focus on total health, looking at the whole picture. Your body’s structure is only the starting point. Our wellness protocol includes assessing nutritional imbalances and testing for allergies and toxins. “We don’t guess, we test!”


We positively impact the lives of those we serve by restoring optimal health and wellness. We pride ourselves on our methods, blending state-of-the art technology in diagnosis and treatment.